Happy new year!

Currently residing in Melbourne, NüMartha has swiftly earned a reputation for her specialist twelve inch selections, crafty overlaying of spoken samples, and seamless transitions between BRUK, breaks, drum n bass and jazzy numbers.

After playing some ripper parties recently in support of Sleep D and Antiphon, we're excited to support her in making the trip up to Sydney to see what our crates and dancers have to offer.

Combining this rap with with her truly underground mixes as Subterranean Jazz Club, expect a Sydney debut set that melds a wholesome musical summary of the year just passed with a crystal clear vision of the sounds we have lying ahead.

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Mastermind behind the always sweaty Athletica club nights, ISA has made massive waves across Sydney in 2019. Not afraid to jump genres when it feels right, as a DJ she flawlessly weaves upbeat club tracks with sparkles and sugar that'll have you bouncing along as she takes control of the decks.

Combining this energetic style with a prescient knowledge of emerging scenes and artists, she has landed peak time slots at Secret Garden Festival, Purple Sneakers 12th Birthday, FBi Radio Club Night #2, and Melbourne's Rogue Cuts, as well as mixes on Triple J, FBi Radio and London's Reprezent, and even formed her own Athletica show on Nomad radio.

We've been secretly admiring her music, parties and expertise for far too long now, and couldn't think of anyone better to join the dots for us between this decade and the next.

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Always sporting a warming smile, and never far from the renegade action, Dejaan's presence consistently makes for a special party.

Wlling to go the extra mile to make an event run smoothly, and equipped with an expert ear for matching sound to a room, he never ceases bring his own unique touch to a night.

Combining all this with an innate taste for rare late night dubs, early morning rhythms, and everything in-between, we're eagerly awaiting more instalments of his summer series Perfect Chance that are hopefully just around the corner, as well as what he has in store for us in the early hours of 2020.

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kickonline are keen to expand the online component of our events beyond the limitations of social media. Check out the mix below to get a taste of the sound we'll be packing for sunrise.

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This event took place as we crossed over to 2020.

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